7 Common Mistakes People Make With An Egg Diet Plan For Weight Loss

egg diet plan for weight loss

The struggle to lose weight is one of the most difficult tasks and individuals frequently seek for ways to make it easy to achieve quick weight loss results. Eggs are very healthy because they are full of proteins and nutrients. Consumption of eggs in order to lose weight is very effective since you will eliminate consumption of unhealthy food for a week, which in turn will build up your body’s metabolism and hence start shedding weight.

The egg diet plan is a low-calorie weight loss diet intended for quick weight loss but not long-term weight loss. Mainly an egg fast diet entails consuming eggs, butter (or any other pure but healthy fats like olive oil or coconut oil), and cheese. Even with such a simple and short plan, people still make some mistakes that result in not losing the maximum weight intended by the plan. Below are some of the mistakes people make while following an egg diet plan.

Failure to Understand Health Risks

Most people assume that consumption of eggs increases their risk to chronic heart diseases. But this is not true; research has shown that cholesterol in the diet doesn’t raise cholesterol in the blood and that eggs don’t increase the risk of heart diseases. People limit the number of eggs in the diet because they think they are prone to heart diseases. One should understand the health risks and benefits to consume the correct number of eggs as per the diet plan.

Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol should be avoided during the plan since it impedes liver function. The liver is vital during the diet for metabolizing fat. As the fat is metabolized, weight is lost.

Cheating and Food Substitution

Not following the routine to the latter could lead to gaining back all the weight you lost. Not completing the routine for all seven days will cause fat to clump back in. For example, if you follow the diet for five days then stop, you will lose about 7.4lbs, but you will gain back 5lbs over the remaining two days.

Over Exercising

Remember, egg diet introduces very little carb in the body. Too much exercise during the diet plan is a way to send your body running for safety by slowing your metabolism. When you have the chronic energy deficit, your body thinks that food is scarce, and it starts holding on fat as a way to protect itself. When fat is accumulated, your weight loss journey can’t be a success, and you may end up gaining more weight than losing it.

Not consuming enough water

Water is very essential in all diet plans. During the egg diet plan, one should try to drink at least 100 ounces of water daily. Water is important to help speed up metabolism thus speeding the weight loss procedure.

Not eating the whole egg

An egg is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs are loaded with vitamins, minerals, quality protein, healthy fats, and nutrients which are important for brain and eggs. An egg yolk contains most of these benefits. Most people undertaking the diet avoid an egg yolk since they think it’s not healthy, but it is the most important part of an egg and should be consumed.

Underestimating how difficult it is

Most people assume that the routine is simple and end up not following the full diet plan. The diet is very hard since you must let go of all the sweet foods. The routine can get hard especially when you are with friends who don’t care about dieting. Discipline is very important all through the diet plan.


Benefits of an Egg Diet

Apart from losing weight, an egg weight loss plan is very important in many ways such as:

• Rapid decrease in water weight in the body.

• Increased rate of calorie burning

• Egg diet will provide you several yummy recipes

• Eggs don’t consume much time in cooking

• Glowing face from the nutrition provided by eggs

• High protein diet such as eggs increases fat burning process in the body.


Egg Diet Plan

Follow the following one-week egg diet plan for quick and astonishing weight loss results.


Day 1

Breakfast- two boiled eggs, two oranges, and a cup of low fat milk

Snack- 1 string cheese

Lunch- six ounces of boiled skinless chicken and 1 cup of yogurt

Snack- 1 string cheese

Dinner- 1 boiled egg, five ounces of boiled skinless chicken, and an orange

Day 2

Breakfast- two boiled eggs and juice squeezed from one lemon

Snack- 1 string cheese

Lunch- five ounces of roasted fish, one grapefruit

Snack- 1 string cheese

Dinner- 3 hard-boiled eggs.

Day 3

Breakfast- two hard-boiled eggs, one cup of warm water with one freshly squeezed lemon

Snack- 1 string cheese

Lunch- six ounces of boiled beef and 1 grapefruit

Snack- 1 string cheese

Dinner- 3 hard-boiled eggs

Day 4

Breakfast- — 3 scrambled eggs, parsley, and dill

Snack- 1 string cheese

Lunch- five ounces of cooked chicken with salad

Snack- 1 string cheese

Dinner- 1 hard-boiled egg, two oranges

Day 5

Breakfast- 2 carrots, two hard-boiled eggs, one table spoon of sour cream

Snack- 1 string cheese

Lunch- two carrots, one cup of fresh orange juice

Snack- 1 string cheese

Dinner- three ounces of boiled fish, one boiled egg

Day 6

Breakfast- five ounces of low-fat yogurt, one freshly made lemon or orange juice for breakfast

Snack- 1/2 avocado w/ lite salt and pepper

Lunch- 2 boiled eggs, two grapefruits

Snack- 1/2 avocado w/ lite salt and pepper

Dinner- one glass of water

Day 7

Breakfast- two boiled eggs and 1/2 grapefruit

Snack- 1/2 avocado w/ lite salt and pepper

Lunch- six ounces of beef, one orange

Snack- 1/2 avocado w/ lite salt and pepper

Dinner- one glass of water

Should be simple to follow right? This egg diet plan should only be followed for one week while consuming a lot of water during the diet. After a week the individual must go back to the normal diet but for the first few days, the individual should include cheese, eggs, grapefruit and oranges in the meals to prevent shocking the body.

When you follow the right weight loss plan to the latter, you can lose about 15lbs in a week. Celebs such as Nicole Kidman are not left out in this challenge. Follow the simple routine and avoid the above seven mistakes to obtain the maximum results.


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