10 Simple Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Age is just a number they say. When it comes to looking pretty, age is not relevant and, shouldn’t be an excuse to stop wearing makeup.  Doesn’t matter if you’re 50 or 60, you’re never too late to doll up to look stunning.

It’s no surprise that women like to look fabulous. Some women see makeup as a confidence booster, and some feel more blend in when wearing it. Whether you’re wearing makeup casually or to a fancy dinner, makeup never hurts.

So, before you get bewildered on how to look flawless with makeup, let’s get down with these trouble-free flattering tips. Be well au fait with the tricks, and you’ll feel 20 years younger in a jiffy!

1. Always Use Eye Primer

Eye Primer is a vital arsenal when it comes to eye shadow application. You can’t use face primer to substitute an eye primer as both have different ingredients and usage. Face primer contains water or is silicone based, to smoothen the makeup application on the face. Eye primer on the other hand,  has slightly sticky like texture.

The skin becomes thinner as we age, especially around the eyes. Using primer helps reduce the noticeable signs of ageing and keeps your eye shadow in place all day thus avoid creasing. Applying a thin layer of primer to the eyelids, will result in a vibrant color of the eye shadow you wear.

2. Use The Primer On Your Face Too

The right primer helps you cope with fine lines and large pores when applying makeup in your 50’s. A thin layer of primer to your moisturized face, allows the foundation to stay longer and glide flawlessly.

Many believe that face primer is not necessary, as a moisturizer is already enough. But the truth is, wearing a primer underneath your foundation is an excellent way to prepare your face for makeup and avoid creasing. You don’t want your makeup to look cakey and uneven right?

3. Go For Natural Tones

You can always go for nude, beige or any neutral shade for natural looking makeup. Suitable for any occasion, this type of look brings elegance and simplicity in your appearance.

A natural look is fresh and can easily be achieved by using minimal makeup. Choose a neutral color that compliments your skin tone as natural makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Always prep your face for dewy and flawless finish makeup.

4. Always Moisturize Your Skin Before Putting On Makeup

Moisturizer is a crucial part of makeup. When you have a smooth surface on your skin, excessive concealer and foundation won’t be necessary. Without it, the foundation will rest on your fine lines and acne, causing it to look flaky and cakey.

A moisturizer is akin to preparing your face from a clean canvas, giving that dewy affect appearance to your makeup. By moisturizing, it helps your skin stay healthy underneath all that makeup.

Dermatologist suggest moisturizers that is high in hyaluronic acid that helps minimize ageing skin and fine lines.

Clean your face and allow the moisturizer to sit at least 20 minutes before put on your face primer.

5. Use The Right Foundation

Are you still using the same foundation you used 20 years ago? Did you know that your skin changes rapidly over the years? So should your foundation.

During winter, you need a creamy texture with added moisturizer. And during summer time your skin may become oily and dry, and you’ll need a different type of foundation for that.

Choose a foundation that suits your needs. Go for full and light coverage for a radiant and soft finish. One that also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and match close to your skin color.

6. Exfoliate.. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is another essential key for flawless makeup. Doing this regularly helps remove dead skin and makes your pores smaller.

As we age, the regenerating process of replacing new cells from the old ones slows down. The dead skin piles up on the surface and leaves your skin looking patchy, dull and dry. Furthermore, the accumulation of dead skin can cause excess oil and clogged pores resulting in breakouts.

Use an exfoliator that’s right for your skin type. Proper exfoliation will leave your skin looking healthy and young.

7. Steer Clear Of Dark Color Lipstick

Unless you’re born with dark skin and plump lips, you should stay away from dark lipstick. Dark color lipstick like dark brown makes you look old and should be avoided.

For a more natural look, opt for a neutral color, rosy reds and light pink as it gives a more subtle finish.

8. Always Blend Your Makeup

The secret of good looking makeup is to blend it well. Apply a thin layer of foundation and mix it well without leaving any revealing fine lines. The more you blend, the more natural and fresh you will look.

Use the right brush when applying foundation, blusher and powder. Each brush has a different use and distinctive bristles.  The purpose is to serve one type of makeup application.

9. Don’t Skip Under The Eye

Dark circles and eye bags are two main problems for older ladies. Use eye cream to treat puffiness and a color corrector to hide dark circles.

Consider retinol eye cream as it helps with moisturizing the eye area, minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and crow feet.

10. Inner Beauty

Audrey Hepburn once said, ““Happy girls are the prettiest”

How you feel on the inside reflects how you look on the outside. Always be happy and confident about how you look. Remember the purpose of makeup is to help you, enhancing the natural beauty you possess, not to define who you are or how you look. No matter how many fine lines you have or how mature your skin is, at the end of the day, how you see yourself, matters the most.

There is no use of a lip filler or Botox if you are not happy about yourself.


You can look fabulous and elegant at any age. Using the proper technique and product will help your makeup look fresh and younger. So use the tips above and start feeling good about yourself.


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