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Hitch Fit Program Review – The Best Online Weight Loss Program With Customized Workout And Nutrition Plan Just For You!



Do you envy celebrities with personal fitness trainers who help them keep their bodies in top shape? If yes, then the Hitch Fit Program gives you the chance to experience the benefits of customized workout and nutrition plans.

Online weight loss programs give customers the opportunity to enlist the services of the best in the industry irrespective of the geographical location. You get access to tips on healthy diets, nutrition plans, exercise routines and valuable guidance that will help you to stay on track.

Most of the online programs are designed with the goal of helping clients lose weight sans the gimmicks. No pills and no crash diets. These programs encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make wise food choices.

Among the plethora of options available online, the Hitch Fit Program has an edge over the others. This is primarily due to Micah LaCerte & Diana Chaloux, who are the people behind Hitch Fit. They are extremely focused and take personal interest in each and every client that enrolls in any one of their fitness program.

They have both competed in World Championship Fitness competitions. Therefore if you are looking for guidance on how to look good in such competitions, you should enroll for their fitness programs.

The success of the Hitch Fit Program can be ascertained by the large number of clients who have participated in their online fitness programs. These programs are designed for people for all age group and fitness levels.

The trainers develop programs for people who wish to train in a gym and also for people who wish to get fit by exercising at home.

Advantages of the Hitch Fit Program

Personal attention

Once the clients have enrolled themselves in any of the programs, they will receive personal guidance from the trainers Micah and Diana via email. In case you have a question, you can contact them using the LIVE chat function which is available on their website.

No automated systems

Each and every program is carefully designed by the trainers themselves. All the information provided by the clients are personally reviewed to understand the requirements of each client. This helps them to customize the nutrition and fitness plan so that it works well for the client.

No location barrier

Micah and Diana work with clients from different parts of the globe. Hence there are no geographical boundaries that will come in your way of achieving your fitness goals.

Your information is confidential

No image or success story is shared without consent. Therefore clients can be rest assured that their identity and personal information will be kept confidential at all times.

If they wish to inspire other people with their successful transformation, they can choose to give permission to Micah and Diana to use their images and story.

How it works?

1.      Choose a program


The first step towards reaching your fitness goal is to select an appropriate program. There are multiple options to choose from such as:

2.      Registration


After the clients have chosen a weight loss program, the next step is to register on their website. Once done they will receive a questionnaire seeking information about their present fitness level such as height, weight, body fat level and age.

The questionnaire also seeks to elicit information regarding the fitness level they wish to reach, if they prefer to exercise at a gym or at home and the kind of fitness equipments they have access to.

As this is an online weight loss program before and after pictures is a great way to measure the progress. It also acts as a motivator. Therefore clients are requested to share their pictures.

3.      Developing a customized plan


It is advisable to complete the questionnaire at the earliest as it requires 2-3 days to formulate a customized diet and exercise plan. If any information that is required to develop the plan is missing, then the trainers get back with the clients and request for more details.

4.      Get started


The completed program that contains a customized nutrition and fitness regime is emailed to the client. The trainers Micah and Diana do not believe in quick fixes. Therefore there are no crash diets. The aim of all the programs is to teach people to read labels properly, eat a balanced diet, measure the food portions and learn about the basics of nutrition.

The exercise routine will be based on the current fitness level of the individual and where they wish to exercise.

Clients can choose their start date according to their convenience. During the training period clients can contact Micah and Diana for any assistance or guidance. Clients are requested to provide weekly updates in order to monitor their progress.

Choosing the Hitch Fit Program will help you embark on a journey that will have a profound impact on your body and soul.

No More Excuses! Get Fit By Choosing Tailormade Weight Loss Programs!

A fit body is a healthy body.  Every individual has the right to lead a happy and productive life. Therefore it is important for people to give adequate attention to their body and maintain it in top shape.

As the information required for all the programs are provided by email and video tutorials, your geographical location will not stop you from reaching your fitness goals. The different weight loss programs developed are proven to have positive results.

Each weight loss program is accompanied with a Hitch Fit book download, mental preparation guide, email support from trainers and maintenance guide.

Below is a detailed description of the various weight loss programs you can take advantage of to get back in shape.

1.      Lose Weight, Feel Great Plan


If you are worried about the excess fat hanging lose on your body and dream of a toned physique, you must check out the lose weight, feel great plan. Just as the name suggests you are sure to experience the positive impact eating and exercising can have on your lifestyle.

With a custom made diet and supplements plan and training programs that include strength training and cardio, you will be able to achieve your fitness goals well in time.

The program is suitable for all people irrespective of gender, age and current fitness level. You can choose the 12 weeks plan if you want to lose less than 35 pounds of body fat. If your goal is higher than that, then you can opt for the 16 week program that will help you to look and feel great.

Check out the Lose Weight, Feel Great Plan

2.      Look Like A Bikini Model


All those lovely women who wish to take their fitness level up a notch should check out the look like a bikini model program. This program is suitable for women who have been taking care of their bodies but want to push their bodies a bit farther to achieve the sexy and lean bodies of the bikini featuring on the covers of all leading magazines.

Not only will you be provided with a custom made diet plan and workout regime but also tips on preparing yourself for the photo shoot featuring you as a bikini model.

You can choose the 12 weeks plan if your present body fat level is at 18-20%. The 16 week program is also available for women who have a body fat level of 22-25% at present.

Check out the Look Like A Bikini Model Plan

3.      Look Like A Fitness Model


This program is not for the weak hearted. If you are serious about achieving a super lean look, then the look like a fitness model is for you. One of the pre requisites for this fitness program is that you must have a good amount of lean muscle tissue.

After choosing this program you will gain access to the specially designed fitness model diet plan and strength building exercises. A photo shoot guide will also be provided that will help you to be ready for the big day.

Women with 18-20% body fat and men with 15% body fat can chose the 12 weeks program. Women with 22-25% body fat and men with 18% body fat can opt for the 16 weeks program.

Check out the Look Like A Fitness Model Plan

4.      Get Big, Get Ripped


If you want to experience the thrill of possessing a body that makes you feel like you could conquer anything, then the Get Big, Get Ripped program is tailor made just for you.

The diet and workout routines provided in this program have two stages. The first stage is the bulking stage where the focus will be to increase the body fat. The second stage is the cutting stage where the focus shifts to making you look great with a ripped body.

This program requires you to push your body and maintain a disciplined approach to achieve the amazing body you dream of. Based on your fitness goal you choose the 20 or 28 week program.

Check out the Get Big, Get Ripped Plan

5.      Couples Weight Loss


Following a fitness regime can get boring at times. Having friend, partner or spouse can help you to stay on track and get in great shape together. The couples weight loss program is open for all ages, gender and fitness level.

If you wish to lose 40 pounds or less, the 12 week program is ideal for you. But if your goal is to reduce more than 40 pounds, opting for the 16 week program is advisable.

Apart from the customized diet and fitness plans, you will also be provided with tips on what to eat while dining outside and guidance on the right supplements you must take to stay healthy.

Check out the Couples Weight Loss Plan

6.      Build Muscle Plan


The build muscle plan is suitable for hard core fitness freaks who wish to build a muscular body. The exercise and fitness plan will focus on developing strength and building lean muscle tissue.

The program is open for both men and women, irrespective of the fitness level. But people who have body fat less than 15% are generally advised to choose another fitness program.

The customized exercise regimes are designed for people who are beginners, intermediate or pro. All the exercises can be performed at home or in the gym. You can choose either a 12 week or 16 week program depending on your fitness goal.

Check out the Build Muscle Plan

7.      Competition Prep Program


The trainers of this program have participated in many world championship fitness competitions. Therefore their expertise will definitely help you to look great in any fitness, bikini or figure model competition you wish to participate in.

Guidance on the right diet, cardio and strength exercises and final week preparation tips are few of the many great benefits you can seek from the competition prep program.

Please remember that this is not a body building program. Women with body fat in the range of 18-20% and men with body fat not more than 15% can choose the 12 week program. For others, the 16 week program is advised.

Check out the Competition Prep Plan

8.      Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Programs


Motherhood is the greatest miracle of life. But no matter how much women enjoy the experience of nurturing a child, they do wish to get back their pre pregnancy body.

The post pregnancy weight loss programs are ideal for women who wish to shed the extra weight they gained while welcoming their bundle of joy. It can be started 8 week post delivery but if you experienced any complication during pregnancy, it is best to seek a doctor’s opinion before beginning any exercise routine.

The diet plan is carefully worked out taking into consideration if you are breast feeding or not. If you have gained more than 40 pounds then you must choose the 16 week program but if less the 12 week program is sufficient to lose the excess weight.

Check out the Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

9.      Gluten Free Diet Programs


For people who are intolerant to gluten, the gluten free diet program is their roadmap to a healthy and fit body. The diet plan is designed in a way that takes into consideration the various dietary restrictions. But this does not mean that the meal plan is lack luster.

The customized gluten free diet plan is well balanced and highly nutritious which will help you to reach your fitness goal easily. The strength and conditioning routines are well charted out to avoid any inconveniences.

You can choose between a 12 week or a 16 week program depending on whether you wish to lose less than or more than 40 pounds of body fat.

Check out the Gluten Free Diet Plan

10.  Vegetarian and Vegan Weight Loss Program


This is another weight loss program designed for people who have dietary restrictions. The vegetarian and vegan weight loss program is good news for all vegetarians and vegans who can now achieve their fitness goals.

The diet and exercise routine will be customized to be in sync with the dietary restrictions. This program is open for men and women irrespective of their current fitness level.

With the help of this program, you can learn how to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle without changing your food preferences.

If you wish to lose 40 pounds or less, the 12 week program is ideal for you. But if your goal is to reduce more than 40 pounds, opting for the 16 week program is advisable.

Check out the Vegetarian and Vegan Weight Loss Plan

11.  The Plus Plan


Obesity is a rising problem and the matter requires immediate attention. The plus plan is especially designed for people who wish to lose 60-100 pounds of weight.

This is an uphill task that requires dedication and perseverance. The trainers are adequately trained to help you at each and every step on your journey of getting back in shape and getting back to living to a healthy life.

The program will help individuals to learn to make healthy choices by eating right and sticking to their exercise routine.

This is a long duration program that requires 24 weeks for shedding 60-75 pounds and 36 weeks for shedding 75-100+ pounds.

Check out The Plus Plan

12.  Faithfully Fit


If you need a greater push for achieving your fitness goal, the faithfully fit program is designed just for you. The instructors of the program are born again believers of Jesus Christ who are willing to help you to take care of the body that the Lord has given.

The program will help you change your lifestyle and bring in more positivity. It will also enable you to enrich your spiritual life.

The program has all the components of the lose weight feel great plan along with the added spiritual assistance.

You can choose between a 12 week or a 16 week program depending on whether you wish to lose less than or more than 40 pounds of body fat.

Check out the Faithfully Fit Plan

13.  Bridal Boot Camp


Who does not wish to look their absolute best on their wedding day? With the bridal boot camp weight loss program you can learn about the various healthy changes you should make in your diet and fitness regime that will help you look like the perfect bride.

It not only provides you with information about losing weight to look great for your wedding but also provides important guidance that will help you to stay fit all through your married life.

You can avail this program with your would be spouse or alone. You can choose the 12 weeks plan if you want to lose less than 35 pounds of body fat. If your goal is higher than that, then you can opt for the 16 week program to lose weight and develop the sculpted and toned arms you have always wished for.

Check out the Bridal Boot Camp

14.  Stay On Track


This is a maintenance program that will help you to continue to reap the benefits of the fitness program you have religiously followed to shed the extra weight.

By opting for this program you will continue to receive email support from the trainers for staying on track. Every month new fitness program and diet plan will be sent to you.

Check out the Stay On Track Plan

15.  Keep Fit Stay Fit


This is another maintenance program. The 12 week program is suitable for people who have completed a fitness program and wish to stay on course. The plan includes customized Maintenance diet and workout plan along with guidance on the right supplements to be taken.

Individuals can receive assistance of the trainers via email.

Check out the Keep Fit Stay Fit Plan


No more excuses! There is a plan that is sure to work for you. So do feel free to check out the website and know more about the great weight loss programs that will help you get back in shape.

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