The Ultimate t5 Fat Burner Review: Helping You Choose The Best Fat Burner On The Market


Firstly before we get into the review of the ultimate t5 fat burners we need to understand the science behind them. T5 fat burners are a type of medicine classed as thermogenic fat burners. They get the name T5 in relation to the thyroid which is responsible for the speed of metabolism in the body.

Essentially they work by allowing your body to burn more calories by increasing energy and blood flow. This in turn allows a boost in metabolism and increase in body temperature hence the classification as thermogenic fat burners.

T5 fat burners should be used along with an effective exercise and diet regimen to gain the best results. You will find yourself losing fat without exercising due to the increased metabolism but we suggest an exercise and diet plan for the healthiest results.

Forza T5 Super Strength

Forza is one of the leading companies in T5 diet pills and has built a reputation of producing very high quality t5 pills and this is no exception!



Forza T5 Super Strength contains Activ-Rx hcl which is proven to increase energy levels and suppress appetite. It also contains bitter orange, caffeine and L-Tyrosine which all aid in fat loss. This complete formulation makes for a very good fat burner!

Side Effects:

As the formulation contains caffeine you may find an increase in anxiety and also may find it a little harder to sleep at night if you take it later in the day but apart from that there is little we could find wrong with the pill!

Overall Rating: (5/5)

Forza T5 Super Strength does exactly what it states; it allows for safe fast fat burning without the dangerous ephedrine compound and you see results almost instantly. We can’t recommend this product more! It has very little side effects, it’s safe to use and has been bought millions of times worldwide making it a leader in the t5 fat burner market! It’s the perfect choice for new and experienced users of t5 fat burners.

Thermobol by Maximuscle

Maximuscle is a world leading brand in the fitness supplement industry producing numerous effective products and Thermobol is certainly another winner in their library of products!


The main ingredient in Thermobol is bitter orange which is known to lower appetite and stimulate metabolism in the body. It also contains two forms of caffeine and amino acids which aid in producing a very effective fat burner. On top of the ingredients mentioned it also contains green tea which is another popular fat burning extract.

Side Effects:

As with all T5 fat burners, Thermobol contains caffeine which can cause increased anxiety and trouble sleeping, so those intolerant to caffeine should start at the lowest dose and slowly build up. Apart from this, there is very little else you’ll experience taking Thermobol other than super efficient fat loss!

Overall Rating: (4/5)

Thermobol by Maximuscle is a great product which does produce powerful fat burning results. Its clever combination of fat burning ingredients allows for the most effective fat burning process. The only drawback being the caffeine level, however as long as you’re used to taking caffeine products you won’t find this a problem! If you’re looking to ease yourself into t5 fat burning pills then Thermobol is the perfect fit to get you started!

Thermopure by MyProtein

MyProtein has been in the supplement industry for a number of years and Thermopure is another blockbuster product! It is a very powerful t5 fat burner which will always give you excellent results!



Thermopure by MyProtein contains the usual suspects you’ll find in most t5 fat burners (mix of botanical thermogenics) as well as green tea extract, vitamins and amino acids. This complete combination of fat burning ingredients make for a powerful, fast acting t5 fat burner! One major difference with Thermopure is its lower caffeine content which means very little side effects!

Side Effects:

As mentioned above Thermopure has a lower caffeine content meaning its side effects are not as strong as other t5 fat burners! As usual you should look out for increased anxiety and trouble sleeping along with the need to go to the toilet more. It should be noted that if you’re allergic to raspberries or cayenne peppers you should avoid this product.

Overall Rating: (4/5)

We’ve given Thermopure a very high rating of four stars due to its excellent fat burning properties along with its very limited side effects making it extremely attractive to take for someone just starting to take t5 fat burners. It should also be noted that it is one of the cheapest t5 fat burners making it very good value for money!

T5 Xtreme by Iron Labs Nutrition

Iron Labs nutrition have produced a thermogenic fat burning sensation with T5 Xtreme. It contains everything you’d want in a t5 fat burner and then goes above that to give you a product like no other!



T5 Xtreme contains everything you’d want in a fat burner. Inside each capsule you’ll find green tea, caffeine, L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine and chromium. This is a complete combination of fat burning ingredients which result in fast and efficient fat burning around the whole body! It should  be noted the blend of this pill makes it one of the most potent t5 fat burners on our list and one which shows results fast!

Side Effects:

With T5 Xtreme you will again see the usual side effects associated with t5 fat burners which are anxiety and trouble sleeping. Along with this you may also find you have an upset stomach for the first few instances, however this usually resolves itself once your body is acclimatised to the pill!

Overall Rating: (5/5)

We cannot rate this t5 fat burner any higher! It is one of our go-to products when we want to lose fat fast and safely! The combination of ingredients work hand in hand to burn fat fast and we’ve found that if you have a good exercise plan it’ll work even better! Its side effects are minimal making it an ideal t5 fat burner for new and experienced users!

Re:Active T5 Black

Re:Active Nutrition are the brains behind Re:Active T5 Black and it can be safe to say that they have done an amazing job with this t5 fat burner which is known worldwide as one of the best on the market!



The main ingredients found within Re:Active T5 Black are: caffeine,Tyrosine, Naringin, L-Tryptophan, Vitamin B6 and HPMC. This blend of ingredients allows for strong fat burning throughout the whole body with minimal side effects. It should also be noted that Naringin also has properties which causes a lowering of blood sugars!

Side Effects:

Re:Active T5 Black has effectively very little side effects. As it contains caffeine you will find your heart beating a little faster and you might find it harder to sleep if you take the pill late at night but apart from that the combination of ingredients doesn’t really cause anything else apart from super fast fat burning!

Overall Rating: (5/5)

We like to call Re:Active T5 Black the grandfather of t5 fat burners purely because it doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. It contains the classical t5 fat burning ingredients to provide a fast and effective fat burning solution. It is ideal for those who simply don’t have the time to spend 60 minutes in the gym exercising. You will find it great for losing weight in those stubborn areas which other fat burners don’t get to. It is for this reason that it’s one of our favourite t5 fat burners on the market!

As you can see there are plenty of great t5 fat burners available to choose from. The above five are in our opinion the best that the market has to offer.

We’ve taken into consideration the safety of each of the products as our first concern and believe these are the safest in the market. After this came efficacy of each burner; with all five producing excellent fat burning results from the get-go! Finally we looked at the level of side effects each caused which to be honest wasn’t really needed as none of them caused us any worry at all.

It should be noted that each individual is different and if you do experience any cardiac effects or have pre-existing cardiac problems we’d suggest not taking t5 fat burners or to consult your physician before use.

If you’re about to buy a t5 fat burner we’d definitely suggest buying one of the five we’ve recommended above as these are the safest and best result producing t5 fat burners available! You won’t regret it once you start to see the results which will come very quickly!

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