The Secret Behind Losing Weight With Water – How Can Water Help You Burn Fat?

Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything you can to lose weight without even getting closer to your desired results? Have you ever felt like you’re missing something? Maybe you adopted a drastic diet to lose weight or perhaps you simply reduced your calorie intake – sometimes, up to actual hunger. With all these, the scale doesn’t seem to keep up with your effort.

Many times, such problems have a cause that no one’s thinking about. However, the good news is it’s easy to eliminate it.

HOW You Drink Water Is More Important than You Think

It’s highly indicated to have enough water on a daily basis if you want to maintain your energy, good looks and health. But apart from the actual quantity, it’s just as important to know how to drink water.

You learn how to drink water while you’re a kid. It’s a common rule to drink some water as soon as you’re done eating. It’s said that water tastes even better after a meal. Since most people drink a glass after eating, you never imagine that there may actually be something wrong with this habit.

Here comes the interesting part – water after a meal is a bad habit that creates multiple problems. It’s not your fault for doing it, since most kids are taught the same. It’s not worth blaming yourself, but you should know it’s in your power to change this habit, enjoy more energy and a leaner body. The solution is pretty simple.

What Happens when You Drink Water after a Meal

Imagine having a house that you heat up with a fireplace. Outside it’s cold and so is your house before lighting up a fire. Once you light the fire and it starts burning, the house heats up and excessive humidity disappears. You feel good. If the air is too dry, you can just place a bowl full of water close to the fireplace.

What happens if you throw a bucket full of water on the fire once it starts burning? Exactly! Your room will stay cold. You start another fire later and once it goes up, you put water on it again. It sounds crazy! You would never do that, right?

In one way or another, you actually do that multiple times a day inside your body – whenever you drink water after eating. In multiple cultures, this is known as a digestive fire. It refers to the functions of your intestines:

  1. Decomposing foods and providing enough energy for everyday activities
  2. Maintaining a correct environment throughout the body

The more intense your digestive fire is, the more vigorous and energetic you are. When the fire is weak, your body accumulates “humidity”, just like a cold house. You know how daunting and harmful mold is. When it comes to the body, the side effects include an excessive amount of toxins and mucus.

The effects of a weak digestive fire include:

  1. Extra weight
  2. Heavy digestion
  3. Bloating sensations
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Appetite loss
  6. Tiredness
  7. Arterial hypertension
  8. Water retention

How You Kill Your Digestive Fire Without Knowing It

Whenever you ingest food, the stomach releases gastric juices to decompose it. The gastric juice is a mix of water, acid and digestive enzymes. It has an acid profile. Normally, food is decomposed by digestive enzymes once it gets into the stomach. Then, nutrients will reach to the intestines for a proper blood absorption.

Drinking water once you eat will take it straight to the stomach. It will dilute the gastric juices, which makes the digestive enzymes less efficient in dealing with food. From this point of view, they reach the intestines partially digested. The results?

  1. The amounts of nutrients absorbed by blood is way smaller, which means less energy for you
  2. Undigested foods ferment or start rotting and generate excessive mucus and toxins that make you sick

What Does It Have to Do with Fast Weight Loss?

Maintaining a normal weight and burning excessive fat mostly depends on your metabolism, which means the body capacity to convert nutrients into energy. If the metabolism is too slow, you’ll burn fat at a slow rate and you’ll never be able to achieve your desired results. On the other hand, a fast metabolism makes it easy for the body to lose extra fat.

The metabolism is practically a physical reaction of the digestive fire in traditional medicine. A good digestive fire translates into a faster metabolism. Heat it up and you’ll burn fat in no time.

Drinking Water the Right Way to Lose Weight Fast

While water is not recommended after a meal, there are a few other ways you can use it to lose weight fast.

Drinking Water before Meals

There are multiple links between water consumption and weight loss. According to numerous studies, drinking a couple of glasses of water before a meal will help lose weight in no time. It’s easy to tell why. Having lots of water upfront will fill up your stomach. It has no calories though. As a direct consequence, you’ll need way less food to feel full.

Sure, water will still dilute the gastric juices, but you’re not having too much food anyway, so the enzymes can handle a proper digestion.

Skipping Other Drinks

Stick to water and avoid other types of beverages. For example, a regular soda has around 150 calories. If you’re a soda addict, you might have two times your daily calorie intake requirements by drinking soda only. If you have two cans of soda a day, chances are you’ll lose a couple of pounds a week by skipping it.

While it does have nutrients, natural juice is also rich in calories. Having one glass in the morning will add another pound a week. Replace it with water and you’ll notice the difference.

Sipping when Hungry

Many times, hunger is mistaken for thirst. You know you need something, but the truth is you’re just dehydrated. Instead of grabbing a snack, try having a small bottle of water. Half an hour later, chances are you won’t feel hungry anymore.


In conclusion, water does help in weight loss, yet plenty of people overlook its importance only because it’s too basic.

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