Stop it – No, Seriously, Cardio Exercise is Doing you More Harm than Good

Strangely, you love the exhilarating feeling you get from jogging for 2 hours non stop, despite the sore muscles and achy joints afterwards. You think to yourself “This sacrifice is worth it because I’m doing a lot of good to my body.” After all, you know that cardiovascular activity is the cornerstone of a fit lifestyle.

I hate to break this to you, but all those hours of exercising your demons in the park, soaked in sweat, are not helping you reach your fitness goals. And I’m sure you’ve been here time and time again – you blame the scale for being broken because you still weigh as heavy as you are before you started your grueling cardio workout.

First, your scale works fine. Second, those long cardio activities with your spinning sessions, aerobic classes and treadmill running are actually to be blamed. A number of research studies have asserted that prolonged cardio routine does not help in one’s journey to fat loss. We used to believe that running is good for our heart health and body strengthening and therefore losing weight as a result. On the contrary, however, this is not the case.

You see, a sample of those marathon nutters doing 42 km distances like there’s no tomorrow were found to have cardiac issues such as stiffer arteries from plaque buildup, weak right ventricle, among other dysfunctions. We know that these are precursors to a heart attack. Don’t forget the strain it brings to your joints. Worse, excessive workouts without proper nutrition can subject your body to a catabolic process where you lose muscle instead of gaining it.

And then there’s your stubborn excess weight. Unfortunately, frequent cardio routines activate a lot of your cortisol, which is your stress hormone. What happens next is your fat gets stored on your waistline and your glucose is left unprocessed. The dreaded result is weight gain, making all that hard work futile.

Now, even if say you do cardio on the moderate side, like doing light runs and brisk walks, that means you can burn about 150 calories in 30 minutes. That’s good if you’re only trying to maintain your weight. Stretching that for one hour and considering the rests in between, it won’t be enough to trigger fat burning so essentially, you will not see any significant change in the mirror. Sorry to be blunt about this, but you will still look fat at the end of the day.

These shocking cardio realities are being addressed by a fitness program called Fat Decimator which uses a scientific approach to achieving true weight loss. Designed by Kyle Cooper, who is a fitness guru and former marine alongside Korean internist Dr. Sam Pak who is also an expert in biochemistry, present this revolutionary lifestyle by marrying Asian wisdom and factual science that promises to shake most of your long-held core beliefs about health and wellness.

Kyle shares that Dr Pak gave him a different perspective on fitness, learning how he has been misguidedly training his team for many years using inaccurate information on food and exercise. The doctor says that given Western beliefs and how people are misled to think that carbs is bad, that we should be using less salt on our dishes, and that we need to do cardio activities regularly, these things have become incorruptible truths.

Dr. Pak makes a huge statement in stressing the body phenomenon referred to as metabolic acidosis. According to him, this happens when our bodies are forced to store fat when we are unable to dispose certain food acids that we don’t need. This is brought about by doing strenuous cardio routines, elimination of carbs and salt from our diet, and consumption of certain vegetables – all these form part of conventional healthy lifestyle as we know it.

Combining his expertise with Kyle, they developed the Fat Decimator by correcting myths and providing new methods which understand that the human body deals with fat using its own way. And that does not entail skipping on carbs, killer workouts, crazy weight management contraptions, calorie-counting, and bland, unappetizing meals. In fact, you get to experience the joys of eating delicious food without compromising your waistline.

The Fat Decimator has helped over 50,000 individuals who have gone through dramatic weight losses with the program’s scientific and detailed steps, arming you with sensible yet research-based knowledge and guiding you through the process of achieving the body of your dreams.

One of the many beneficiaries of this amazing system is Sharon Monroe, whose overweight situation almost led to her death from a heart attack. Under the Fat Decimator program along with Kyle’s drum beating support, Sharon lost more than fifty pounds in four weeks and hasn’t looked back since.

Countless lives of others who have lost hope in their body recovery have been turned around once they discovered the Fat Decimator and followed it to a T. Next thing they realized is that losing more than 7 pounds a week can be as natural as going out for your daily dose of sunshine.

More success stories have come out as of late. Steven from Seattle was a diabetic who has astonishingly shed almost 70 pounds over the course of 8 weeks. Aside from having a nice looking body, he no longer suffers from lethargic episodes, excruciating joint pains, and mood depressive state. Janet from Nebraska lost around 25 pounds less than a month into the program.

Kyle is more than happy to have brought positive changes in so many lives which would have otherwise been wasted. That’s why he is giving bonus tips and pieces of advice in this video link which you must take advantage of right away to catch a glimpse of how great the Fat Decimator system can be for you.

Guess what, when you consider unlocking this unbelievable program, you will be entitled to a sixty-day (or 2 months) satisfaction guarantee. Simply put, if it doesn’t work you for any reason, you may claim for a refund without any necessary explanation from you. Aside from that, it is offered to you at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t dilly dally no more, you’ve really nothing to lose, only false truths and fatty deposits. Make the right choice. Click this link and your life is changed forever.

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